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Disus understands that different types of business often have common areas of friction with their enterprise software. Friction can often be resolved quickly and cost effectively using add-on components that have no impact on standard ERP source code. Disus has developed software components as a robust, inexpensive means of enhancing ERP solutions.

Disus has demonstrated that important functionality and value can be added to ERP software through the use of its components. They streamline ERP processes and sessions, add user-friendly functionality such as Internet/Intranet web browsers, and simplify the use and integration of third party products.

Disus is a full-service software engineering practice with more than 20 years enterprise experience. We excel at supporting and developing solutions for companies that have already implemented ERP and are now focused on keeping their systems synchronized with their business, corporate structure, market and technology. Disus understands how to support and enhance operational ERP systems without disrupting business flow.

Disus Login Controls

Login Controls for Baan improves system response time, ensuring that Baan resources remain widely available to users by monitoring CPU and I/O activities. The Disus add-on deploys easily, integrates totally with Baan and operates unobtrusively in the background.


Simple Supplier Collaboration for Baan

SSC for Baan provides a proactive way to manage suppliers and purchase orders. The Disus add-on uses Baan supply chain data, providing a real-time link between purchasing agents and suppliers, eliminating confusion and saving time and money.

Simple Supplier Collaboration for Baan
PDF 320k

Colaboracion Simple con Proveedores para Baan
PDF 320k

Disus Transaction Adapter

Disus Transaction Adapter is a middleware component that simplifies and automates Baan transactions. The Transaction Adapter enables integration of third party technologies such as bar code; and customizations such as Internet/Intranet portals.

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