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Login Controls for Baan from Disus ensure that your Baan system resources remain widely available to users. It optimizes your investment in licenses and system hardware resulting in smooth, more secure system operation. It monitors CPU and I/O activities of users, terminating idle sessions after an administrator-specified period. It also adds useful functionality to the standard Baan login process by checking if users have exceeded their defined, concurrent login threshold, and if their passwords are nearing expiration. In UNIX, the password expiry check works with the standard password aging features found in the security subsystems.

Key Benefits

  • Idle Logout. Detects and ends idle Baan processes, whether from users that have left their connections idle, or from 'orphaned' Baan processes. Key and/or system users can be excluded.
  • Concurrent Login Limit. Maximizes the use of system resources, as 'typical' users can be limited to a pre-defined number of Baan logins. Key and/or system users can be excluded.
  • Optimizes system resources by reducing demand for memory and processes. Sites using License Monitor typically enjoy a 10-20% reduction in active Baan processes. System response is improved by reduced demands for memory and paging.
  • Identifies users not following the proper logout procedure who could benefit from further training on the system.
  • Enhances security by automatically logging off idle users who have left for the day without logging off.
  • Password Change and Aging. Simplifies security management by allowing implementation of standard password aging (expiry) in a UNIX environment.
  • Increases productivity for system administrators by encouraging users to manage their password changes. Allows users to change their password from with the Baan GUI (ad hoc changes or when prompted by the expiry warning message during the Baan Login).
  • Maximizes the use and value of Baan licenses.
  • Completely integrated with Baan, including maintenance of settings - no external programs are needed.
Login Controls is completely integrated with Baan. It integrates wholly at the Baan Application Server level, using the BW interface. No additional desktop PC-based programs are introduced; so deployment is simple. No changes to ipc_boot are necessary. Standard RDBMS passwords (which for security reasons should never be known to or changed by typical users) are unaffected. Once configured, it operates unobtrusively with the Baan system. The software package quickly pays for itself through savings.


Login Controls are compatible with all Baan versions and operating platforms-

  • HP/UX (32 and 64 bit)
  • DEC Alpha
  • Sun Solaris
  • Windows NT/2000

(Download PPT 148KB)

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