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Integration of Baan V Service with Baan IV Completed

Toronto, Ontario, December, ’03 – Phase one of a Disus-engineered project to integrate the Baan V Service module with an operating Baan IV environment has now been successfully completed and is running at the headquarters of one of Disus’ largest multi-national customers.

"Baan IV has virtually no functionality that supports service operations or captures the costs associated with provision of warranty services,” says Barry Silverman, a Disus principal and chief software architect. Baan V Service remedies that deficiency.

"The approach we’ve taken is more far reaching than just adding service”, he notes. “It points to an incremental approach that will allow users to integrate any new Baan functionality to their system as needed, one site at a time”. The benefits of the approach are significant:

  • Baan Service functionality as needed
  • Extended life from Baan IV implementations
  • Freedom to implement other Baan V/Gemini functionality as needed - e.g. Manufacturing, Distribution
  • High value, low risk enhancement
  • Tighter control of users’ IT agendas

The Disus approach helps to hold costs down by using a small project team able to repeat the integration where and as needed.

Disus has been supporting and enhancing customers Baan environments for more than a decade.

Tom Jurenka
416.368.7677 x 211

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