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E-Order Entry System for Brandt

Toronto, Ontario, November, ’03 – Disus has completed an E-Order Entry System for Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. of Saskatchewan. The online system will serve the company’s extensive dealer network in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, eliminating fax and paper-based ordering by enabling whole goods orders and part ordering via a web interface to Baan [4C4 running on NT with SQL server] while also providing sales order histories.

The product configurator component of the solution is particularly noteworthy. The Disus system makes the E-Order system virtually error-proof by stepping dealers through a Disus-developed product configuration dialogue that ensures that whole goods orders are correctly specified, optioned and priced. Submitted to Baan as an E-Order, the transaction is converted to a sales order by Brandt’s support staff, providing staff with the option of editing orders in Baan if needed.

The system also employs Disus-developed Web Front-end, Transaction Adapter and Transactional Objects to facilitate tight, secure, real-time integration to Baan Order Entry.

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd., a unit of Brandt Industries (www.brandt.ca), designs and manufacturers a wide array of specialized farm implements such as harrows and flexible grain handling systems that have application worldwide in the production of foodstuffs and fodder.

Tom Jurenka
416.368.7677 x 211

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