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Wireless Bar Code Data Collection Installed for Hi-Lex, U.K.

Toronto, Ontario, February, ’04 – Disus has completed a wireless bar code data collection and label printing system for Hi-Lex Cable Systems Ltd. of Port Talbot, United Kingdom. The Disus-engineered system replaces the Baan IVc4 screens for Production Orders Complete, Inventory Transfer and Picks with a simple user interface that’s common to both held-held and shop floor terminals. The system automatically generates and prints bar code labels as required.

The Hi-Lex implementation employs the Disus-developed Transaction Adapter and Transactional Objects to communicate with Baan Report Production Orders Complete, Finished Goods Booking, Inventory Transfer and KANBAN Replenishment [a business process pioneered in the Japanese automotive industry] modules.

The benefits of the Disus bar code implementation are noteworthy:

  • A simple user interface eliminates multiple Baan screens and data entry fields
  • A common interface for both hand-held and stationary terminals
  • User login is enabled by employee ID badge swipe
  • Real time data collection
  • Bar code swipe or manual data entry
  • Only one Baan seat license required
  • No user limitations on the Disus’ components
  • Robust, well-proven implementation
  • No proprietary hardware requirements
  • Works for all Baan IVc4 and Baan V implementations

Hi-Lex Cable Systems Co. Ltd. is a business unit of Nippon Cable Systems Inc. Hi-Lex specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality electromechanical systems such as power window controls, trunk, hood and latch release mechanisms and similar automotive control systems.

Disus has also recently completed a similar Baan IVc4 bar code implementation for a Hi-Lex sister company, U.S.-based Hi-Lex Controls Inc. of Litchfield, Michigan.

Tom Jurenka
416-368-7677 x 211

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