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Bar Code Implementation

Each year at Baan World we meet users who are surprised to learn that Bar Code integration is a major part of Disus’ business. To put the record straight we’ve positioned this upfront on the Homepage.

Integrating scanned bar code data into Baan is one of the most powerful, cost-effective enhancements you can make to your system. With more than a decade of Baan experience and dozens of successful bar code implementations, Disus makes enabling bar code painless and fool proof.

We’ve implemented RF and non-RF barcode systems for customers throughout North America and the U.K. in every type of business from pharmaceuticals to aerospace. We can turnkey the entire project ourselves to your specifications, or work with your designated project leader.

Disus bar code implementations ensure these advantages

  • Rock solid functionality based on our strengths in Baan source code and tools.
  • Open Source screen interface toolkits make Disus implementations inexpensive to upgrade/maintain.
  • Flexible architecture. Disus bar code implementations are build on our well-proven Transaction Adapter. This provides a scaleable, extendible platform for bar code integration.
  • Best-of-breed bar hardware. Disus is not a hardware distributor or reseller, we recommend and procure equipment based on your specifications.
  • 100% customer referenceable. Ask us for contacts.
  • A successful track record with all supported Baan platforms and databases. We integrate the following Baan transactions and more –

    - Receipt (Discrete Orders, Supply Chain, ASN)
    - Put-away
    - Inventory transfer
    - Inventory adjustment
    - Material transfer
    - Generate orders complete
    - Picks
    - Cycle counts
    - Item inventory query
    - Item location query
    - Generate inbound/outbound advice
    - Generate shipping, packing slips, bill of lading & freight charges

Integrating bar code technology and data reduces costs, improves performance and dramatically streamlines Baan operations.

Leverage the power of your Baan system with bar code integration services from Disus Inc.

Applications: Aerospace
Manufacturing 1
Manufacturing 2

Discover the value of experience.

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